Organ Literature

This website is designed to promote organ music and inspire organists to continually strive beyond the status quo as concert and church musicians.

The short-term goal is to provide a space and resources for organists to plan, prepare, study, connect and practice.

The long-term goal of this website is to create a search engine for organ literature - this is a big project and will be implemented in parts. If you are interested in volunteering to add repertoire to the database, please e-mail Sarah Wannamaker. Feedback is appreciated too!

Sarah's Latest CD

AGO Presentation

On July 7, Sarah Wannamaker presented a session to the AGO Regional Convention titled "Practice Less, Play More". The right hand column has direct links to all the materials which were referenced in the discussion.

Key Composers for 2013

Themed concerts bring a polished finish to audiences. A recital programmed around an idea shows thought and foresight about the music that you prepared. It also has the potential to let the listener connect intellectually as well as emotionally with the music. This page features composers and music that celebrate a key anniversary in the year 2013.